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Akira Kawakami



kwkm, Tengu-san, Futoccho, K-mane


September 10, 1974

Professional Status

Director, Chief Manager

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Associated Acts

Momoiro Clover Z
Akari Hayami

Akira Kawakami (川上アキラ) is a chief manager from Stardust Promotion Entertainment Section 3.[1][2] He takes charge of Momoiro Clover Z, 3B junior, and also responsible for the entire Stardust Section 3 Idol.[1][3]

He is best known as the "famous manager" (名物マネジャー, Meibutsu Maneja) of Momoiro Clover Z, having his persona regularly being mentioned and appears in various Momoiro Clover Z media and being their manager since their conception in 2007.[1][4] He is also the man behind their unique concepts, including their wrestling influences since he is a well-known pro wrestling fan.[5] He is commonly referred as "kwkm" and "K-mane" by fans.[4]


Young Kawakami

Kawakami began to work in show business as a part-timer Production Assistant in his university years.[1] In 1998, Kawakami applied to Stardust Promotion in his fourth year of university after he looked through a vacancy in the help-wanted magazine.[1][6] He worked as an apprentice in the office, initially as a driver and has worked with several talents including Masanobu Ando and Anna Umemiya.[1]

He was involved in the production of Stardust Promotion first newcomer actresses dance and sing training program titled ANGEL EYES in 1998.[7] Erika Sawajiri, one of the ANGEL EYES members, is the first person he directly worked with as a manager.[1][8]

Kawakami as the torchbearer in the Momoclo Natsu no Bakasawagi 2013 Live Concert

In the end of 2007, Kawakami alongside Ryoji Fujishita, Yuichi Fujii and other Stardust Promotion Entertainment Section 3 management team were involved in the creation of the second newcomer actresses training project titled Momoiro Clover.[1][9][10] They decided to polish the project as an idol group after watching an AKB48 Team B performance in the AKB48 Theater in October 2007.[1][4] Since then he has worked with Momoiro Clover Z as their manager.[1] Kawakami has planned their activities since the conception, including street live performances, tour with minivan, adding member self-introductions, member colors and pro-wrestling references.[11][5] The pro wrestling references are deliberately incorporated by him to differentiate itself from other idol groups.[5] He shapes the group through well-planned road maps.[5]

Kawakami performing 2014 ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

On March 2013, he received the runner up grand prix title Nikkei Entertainment's "4th Hitmaker of the Year 2012-2013" for his involvement with Momoiro Clover Z.[2] The award is given to the prominent figure in entertainment industries fields of music, movie and drama.[2]

On April 28, 2013, in the "Shofukute Tsurube Nichiyoubi no Sore" radio program, he announced that he has been promoted to director.[12] He is responsible for the entire 3Bjunior (now Stardust Section 3 Idol).[13][14] The new idol training project of Stardust Section 3, 3B junior is directly managed by Kawakami.[15]

On June 18, 2014, he published a book about his management philosophy based on his 6 year career of involvement with Momoiro Clover Z titled Momoclo Ryuu ~5nin e Tsutaeta Koto 5nin Kara Osowattta Koto.[16]

The Famous Manager[]

kwkm in the otome sensou music video

Unlike other managers in show business who works in the background, Kawakami is known for having his persona regularly being mentioned and appears in various Momoiro Clover Z media.[4] He gains the moniker of "famous manager" in the media. Momoiro Clover Z members often mention him as the "Fat Manager" (太っちょのマネージャ) or the "Naked General" (全裸の大将, Zenra no Taishou) in their TV appearances.

  • Being the manager since the conception in 2008, he prominently appears in Momoiro Clover Z live concert documentaries, magazine interviews, member blogs, Ustream broadcasts and TV shows. He is often giving his "blessing" before the girls went into the stage by tapping their backs.[17]
  • He can also be seen walking around in live concert venues, where the fans can ask a photo or even his "blessing".[17]
  • He often directly plays a role in their live concerts. He became a commentator for their live concerts, mainly in the Momoiro Christmas live concert series. In Momoclo Natsu no Baka Sawagi 2013, he appears as the Olympic torchbearer.
  • Kawakami appears as a cameo in Otome Sensou music video, playing as a statue in the fashion of comedian Hana Hajime.
  • He appears as the professor role in Neo STARGATE and BIRTH BIRTH music video, where he wakes up and activates the girl from their sleeping pods.
  • He has his own twitter account on @momogwp, where he announces their upcoming activities, often suddenly. Since his announcement by no means official (the official announcement is done in the website, he ends his tweet by adding "erroneous transmission" (誤送信, go soushin) as a joke.
  • His "naked general" persona comes from his talk program "Stardust Kawakami no Zenra no Taishou on July 11, 2011.[9], in where he held his own talk show for the first time and dressed only with undershirt and short pants. Naked general also appears as a cameo in hyadain's music video Hyadain no Joujou Yuujo.
  • He likes radio program so much than a TV since he was little and he has appeared in various radio talks.[1] His appearances in radio program are including All Night Nippon R and SORA NIWA GINZA BODYSLAM BOYS.

Talents Worked With[]

Radio Program[]

  • Mayonaka no Harley and Race. RF Radio Nippon. September 14, 2010
  • Kamiyama Masahiko Gogoban!. MBS Radio. December 3, 2013
  • All Night Nippon R. Nippon Broadcasting. February 23, 2014


  • Quick Japan Special Issue Momoiro Clover Z ~The Legend~ 2008-2013. Ohta Publishing.
  • Quick Japan Special Issue Momoiro Clover Z ~Compass of the Dream~ 2013-2014. Ohta Publishing.
  • Momoclo Ryuu ~5nin e Tsutaeta Koto 5nin Kara Osowattta Koto. Nikkei BP. Published on June 18, 2015.

Talk Show[]

  • Stardust Kawakami no Zenra no Taishou. Shinjuku Loft Plus One. July 11, 2011.
  • Kinnikuman Tsukan 100-kan Kinen Shanikusai ~Kinnikuman to Manabu Entertainment~. Shinjuku FACE. July 1, 2013.

Web Series[]

  • LoGirl. January 2015 - ongoing.


  • Kawakami is the only key-figure in 3Bjunior who doesn't have a title nickname like "Rijichou" (Ryoji Fujishita), "Kouchou" (Yuichi Fujii), "Tenchou" (Minehiko Hasegawa), "Kumichou" (Taguchi Ryuichi) or "Banchou" (Emi Takei).
  • Like Ryoji Fujishita, Yuichi Fujii and Minehiko Hasegawa, his given name is written in katakana.
  • He has been known to yell at the members.[4] His favorite phrase is "Are you stupid!?" (おまえ馬鹿なのか!?)[11]


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