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Batten Show Jo Tai (ばってん少女隊) is a five-pieces idol girl group formed and managed by Stardust Promotion in 2015. The group is a part of STARDUST PLANET and primarily active in Kyūshū region, Western Japan.

Group Notes[]

Stardust Promotion’s talented group in 100 years (スターダストプロモーション100年に1組の逸材)
— Introduction Line (June 2015 - April 2020, obsolete)

  • Prior to the formation of Batten Show Jo Tai, the members previously known as F-girls, a seven member training group that debuted in September 2014.
  • Formed in June of 2015 with six members and an average age of 15. Currently, the group is consisted of five members, with the average age of 18.4 (per August, 2020).
  • The group's first solo event occurred on June 21, 2015 in Dazaifu Amusement Park. The date is hailed as the anniversary of Batten Show Jo Tai.
  • Similar to some other groups under STARDUST PLANET, each member of Batten Show Jo Tai is assigned with a single color.
  • The group's music library is mostly consisted of rock and ska-punk genre.
  • The group is currently serving as the tourism ambassadors of Munakata City in Fukuoka Prefecture.
  • In the end of April 2020 Arisa Nishigaki departed from the group to continue school.
  • During a livestream in July 2020, Riko Ueda stated that the leader position had been abolished sometime in 2019. The "in-charge" (担当) system was established as a replacement.[1]


2014: F-girls[]

In September 2014, Stardust Promotion Fukuoka Office formed a lesson group consisted of seven members under the name F-girls. The group performed in various events, including the opening act of Momoiro Clover Z's Onna Matsuri 2014 Fukuoka live viewing in November 2014. The group was also participated as performer in Momoclo Dontaku held at Fukuoka Dome in April 2015.

2015: Formed as Batten Show Jo Tai[]

Following the disbandment of F-girls, Six from seven members of F-girls formed as a new group named Batten Show Jo Tai in June 2015. The group held their first one-man live in June 21, 2015 at Dazaifu Amusement Park. In September 2015, the group released their first single under Stardust Records, titled Batten Shoujo. (ばってん少女。).

2016: Osshoi! and Yoka Yoka Dance[]

In March 2016, the group was chosen as the Tourism Ambassador of Munakata City (宗像市観光大使). They also had their major debut under Colourful Records, a sub-label of JVC Kenwood Victor Entertainment, Inc. in April, with the single Osshoi! (おっしょい!). In the same year, the group had an opportunity to perform the ending theme song of Dragon Ball Super. The song was released as their second single, Yoka Yoka Dance (よかよかダンス).

2017: Must-buy and MEGRRY GO ROUND[]

Batten Show Jo Tai released their third single, Special Day (すぺしゃるでい) in February 2017. Their first album titled Must-Buy (ますとばい) went on sale in June. MEGGRY GO ROUND served as their fourth single, released in December 2017. The song is written by a Japanese band Frederic, who also wrote the Side-B song from the previous single.

2018: Muteki no Venus and BDM[]

In May 2018, the group released their fifth single, Muteki no Venus (無敵のビーナス), written by Kazuki Sakai of Japanese band flumpool. The group experienced their first one-man featuring a live band in May 2018 in Tokyo. They released their sixth single, BDM in November.

2019: BGM, Haruno's Hiatus, and the End of Major Label Contract[]

The group held a tour at four Zepp live houses around Japan with a ska-punk band MAYSON's PARTY from March 15 until March 30. Their second album, BGM, was released under Colourful Records as their final release with the label. In July 12, Kiina Haruno announced that she would take a break from the group activities to prepare herself for university entrance exam, effective from September. They performed in NUMBER SHOT 2019, the biggest outdoor music festival in Fukuoka on July 21. The group held another tour without Haruno under the title Batten Show Jo Tai no, Inaka Musume 5th ~FORCES~ from September 22 until November 24.

2020: Nishigaki's Departure and 5th Anniversary[]

In March 26, Haruno announced that she would restart her activity as a part of Batten Show Jo Tai started from April. On the other hand, Nishigaki announced that she would withdraw from the group in the end of April. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, their last live as six-pieces group was recorded and streamed for a limited time period on their newly opened Youtube channel. Starting from May, the group restarted their activities as a five-pieces idol group. A private label named BATTEN Records was established to serve as the group's label. One year after their latest release, it was announced that five digital singles would be released every week started from June 21. Also celebrating their 5th anniversary, the group held an online concert with no audience on June 21. The group announced that they will release a new album around Fall 2020.

Name Origins[]

The word batten (ばってん) comes from a word used in Kyūshū dialect, meaning "but". Their nickname, basshō can also be heard as "but show" in Japanese accent. The words "but show" is currently used for their official website address under


Current Members
Name Kanji Nickname Date of Birth Roles
Ai Kiyama 希山愛 Ai-chan


January 10, 2000 (2000-01-10) (age 22) Dance Leader


Riko Ueda 上田理子 Riko


November 26, 2000 (2000-11-26) (age 21) MC


Kiina Haruno 春乃きいな Kiina


July 18, 2001 (2001-07-18) (age 20) Public Relations


Sakura Seta 瀬田さくら Chan-seta


February 2, 2002 (2002-02-02) (age 20) Chairwoman of Kyushu Food Culture Lovers' Association

(九州食文化愛好会 会長)

Rirua Aoi 蒼井りるあ Rirua


December 10, 2006 (2006-12-10) (age 15)
Miyu Yanagi 柳美舞 Miyu


May 10, 2007 (2007-05-10) (age 15)
Former Member(s)
Name Kanji Nickname Date of Birth Roles
Arisa Nishigaki 西垣有彩 Arissaa


July 21, 2002 (2002-07-21) (age 19) Innocent Genius from Chōshū


Sora Hoshino 星野蒼良 Sorara


November 14, 2003 (2003-11-14) (age 18) Disciplinary Committee



Main Article: Batten Show Jo Tai's Discography


Independent (Stardust Records)
No. Title Release Date
1. Batten Shoujo.


Major (Colourful Records)
No. Title Release Date
1. Osshoi!


2. Yoka Yoka Dance


3. Special Day


4. MEGRRY GO ROUND 2017.12.06
5. Muteki no Venus


6. BDM 2018.11.21
Independent (BATTEN Records)
No. Title Release Date
1. OiSa (2021 ver.) 2021.12.04

Digital Singles[]

Independent (BATTEN Records)
No. Title Release Date
1. Arigatoto


2. Distance


3. Over 2020.07.08
4. Dancer in the night 2020.07.15
5. MILLION SUMMERS 2020.07.22
6. Barikata Pride


7. FREE na nami ni notte


8. Watashi, Koi Hajime tatte yo!




Major (Colourful Records)
No. Title Release Date
1. Must-Buy


2. BGM 2019.06.19
Independent (BATTEN Records)
No. Title Release Date
1. Fun



Concert Blu-rays[]

Major (Colourful Records)
No. Title Release Date
1. 5.19 ZEPP DIVERCITY Taikai ~Hakata Bishōjo Jōkyō Monogatari

5.19 ZEPP DIVERCITY大会~博多美少女上京物語~


  • The group's introduction line is derived from the nickname of Hiroshi Tanahashi, a wrestler for New Japan Pro-Wrestling.
  • The group's name, Tai (Red Sea Bream) follows the aquatic animal theme in Stardust's group, after Ebi (shrimp), Syachi (killer whale) and Tako (octopus)

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