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Album by Momoiro Clover Z
Release Date June 5, 2013
Genre J-Pop
Format CD, Album
Label Starchild Records

Momoiro Clover Z Album Chronology

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Iriguchi no Nai Deguchi (入口のない出口?, "Exit with No Entrance") is the first 'best of' album From Momoiro Clover Z. It consists of all indie singles by Momoiro Clover Z. It was released on June 5, 2013 through Stardust Promotions.

It Debut at number 1 on the Oricon Daily Chart and number 2 on the Oricon Weekly Chart

Track List[]

  1. "Ano Sora e Mukatte" (あの空へ向かって)
  2. "Milky Way" (MILKY WAY) ~ Coupling track of the 1st single "Momoiro Punch".
  3. "Rough Style" (ラフスタイル) ~ Coupling track of the 1st single "Momoiro Punch".
  4. "Momoiro Punch" (ももいろパンチ)
  5. "Daisuki!!" (だいすき!!) First time on CD. ~ Cover of a song by Power Age.
  6. "Dream Wave" ~ First time on CD.
  7. "Hello...Goodbye" (Hello・・・goodbye) ~ First time on CD. Cover of a song from TV variety show Harajuku Launchers.
  8. "Kibun wa Super Girl" (気分はSuper Girl) ~Coupling track of the 2nd single "Mirai e Susume!".
  9. "Saikyō Pare Parade" (最強パレパレード Saikyō Pareparēdo) ~ Cover of a song by Aya Hirano, Yūko Gotō, Minori Chihara.
  10. "Mirai e Susume!" (未来へススメ!)
  11. "Tsuyoku Tsuyoku" (ツヨクツヨク ) ~ Cover of a song by Mihimaru GT.
  12. "Words of the Mind -Brandnew Journey-" (words of the mind -brandnew journey-) ~ Cover of a song by Move
  13. "Believe" ~ Cover of "Believe" by Nami Tamaki
  14. "Hashire!" (走れ!) ~ Coupling song of the 1st major single "Ikuze! Kaitō Shōjo".
  15. "Kimi Yuki" (きみゆき)
  16. "Rough Style for Momoiro Clover Z" (ラフスタイル for ももいろクローバーZ ) New arrangement. New recording.
  17. "Ano Sora e Mukatte" (あの空へ向かって(Z Ver.)) ~ Bonus track.


This is the second time Akari Hayami was in the content or cover of a release by Momoiro Clover Z, after her departure. The first time was Battle and Romance.

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