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Kanako Momota



Kanako↑↑, Dekochan


July 12, 1994 (age 27)


Shizuoka, Japan




156 cm

Professional Status

Momoiro Clover Z

Member Color



Cinderella from the Tea Plantation



Years Active


Associated Acts

3Bjunior, Dekomayu, Momotamai


Dekochan Nikki

Kanako Momota (百田夏菜子) is an idol and the leader of Momoiro Clover Z represented by Stardust Promotion. She is also a part of Stardust Section 3's 3Bjunior. Her image color is red.


  • Nickname: Kanako↑↑ (かなこぉ↑↑), Dekochan (でこちゃん)[1]
  • Birthday: July 12, 1994 (1994-07-12) (age 27)
  • Birthplace: Shizuoka
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Height: 156 cm
  • Hobby: Watching DVDs
  • Specialty: Gymnastics, Dance, Basketball
  • Epithet: Cinderella from the Tea Plantation (茶畑のシンデレラ Chabatake no Shinderera)
  • Strength: Cheerful, never giving up
  • Weakness: Troublesome, Never listens to others
  • One phrase to describe yourself: My pace.
  • Favorite food: Sweets
  • Favorite word: Gratitude
  • What does Momoclo means to you?: The place where I grow up
  • Associated Acts: Momoiro Clover Z (2008-Present)
  • Image Color: Red

Member Notes[]

Everyone, please raise your index finger, let's go together, hachi hachi hachi hachi dekoppachi! Who is the Cinderella from tea plantation? (Kanako~↑↑). Thank you very much. My dimples are the pitfalls of love, I'm Kanako Momota!
それではみなさん人差し指を一本出してください!いっしょにお願いします!せーの!はち はち はち はち でこっぱち〜!!茶畑のシンデレラと言えば? (かなこぉ〜↑↑) えくぼは恋の落とし穴百田夏菜子です!

  • One of the original members of Momoiro Clover Z and became their leader since November 2008, replacing Reni Takagi after she was asked to step down.[2]
  • Her catchphrase is "Cinderella from Tea Plantation" because she is a Shizuoka-born. Shizuoka is famous for its tea plantation, the nickname is given by their manager Akira Kawakami.[3]
  • Her charmpoint is her dimples and Momota nicknamed herself "Pitfalls of love dimples".[4]
  • She has a wide forehead. Her "deko-chan" nickame and "Dekoppachi" in her self-introduction are referencing to this. (凸 or でこ (deko) means forehead).
  • Momota's trademark stunt is the "Ebizori Jump" (jumping with an arched back and both legs bent backwards), which she performs during the song "Ikuze! Kaitou Shoujo"[5][6] and which some consider a highlight of the group's live concerts.[7]
  • She has been described as a good leader. Momoiro Clover Z's manager Akira Kawakami recalled that from the very beginning Momota was the hardest worker and stated that she could be serious when needed, but naïve and spontaneous at the same time.[8] Kenichi Maeyamada noted that she's the leader with a sense of responsibility, despite her insecurities to be a center and lack of confidence in singing, she continues to fight and becomes the embodiment of their "All-out" (全力, Zenryoku).[9]


Kanako was born in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture. As of 2013, she still lived near Hamamatsu Station with her parents and two brothers.[10][11]

Momota has been taking rhythmic gymnastics classes since the age of three, and jazz dance lessons since she was in the third grade of elementary school. She enrolled in dance classes at the suggestion of her coach, who thought she needed a better dance foundation.[11] Other students at the dance school sometimes auditioned for the entertainment industry, a common topic of conversation among parents. Momota's mother decided she should audition too and answered an advertisement announcing an open audition for the Stardust Promotion talent agency. They applied and when still in the fifth grade, Kanako Momota won the audition and was subsequently signed[12][11][13] to the agency'Section 3 under 3Bjunior, dedicated to training girls under 18 to become actresses.[14]

In the spring of 2008, Stardust Promotion put her in a then unnamed idol (vocal and dance) group consisting of girls close to Momota's age.[11] Momoiro Clover, the name of the idol group project was very low budget, so they performed on the walkways in Yoyogi Park in Shibuya, Tokyo.[15] A few months later, Momota replaced Reni Takagi as group leader.[2]

On April 14, 2012, Momota succeeded famous child actress Mana Ashida as subhost of the Nippon Television show Meringue no Kimochi[16][17]. In 2013, she appeared in Mika Ninagawa's photosoot and in the fashion magazine Mgirl 2013 SS and was featured in the cover.[18] In August 2013, Momota became the first person to appear on both the front and back covers of an issue of QuickJapan magazine, which also published a lengthy interview with her.[19]


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Acting Careers[]

  • Television
    • Shokora Aisareru Onna — Kirawareru Onna Grand Prix (2009). NTV
    • Onryumon (2010). NTV
    • Meringue no Kimochi (April 2012 — September 2013). NTV. as subhost
    • Akumu-chan special (2014)
  • Music Video
    • [2008] Little by Little - Pray
    • [2008] Ore Ska Band - Kimi Stripe
    • [2008] Bourbonz - Ai to Seishun no 3 Busaku: Autumn, Yukiguni, Kizuna
  • CM
  •         [2012] Black Pepsi


Momota first cover feature in the fashion magazine M Girl SS

Quick Japan vol.109 with Momota in the 125 pages special feature

  • [2009.08.31] Weekly Playboy no.37 - with Akari Hayami
  • [2010.05.06] Pure Pure vol.57 - with Momoka Ariyasu
  • [2010.08.01] Gekkan Audition - with Shiori Tamai
  • [2010.09.01] De View October Issue - with Ayaka Sasaki
  • [2011.03.25] Girls! vol.32
  • [2011.04.23] Zipper May Issue
  • [2011.05.23] Zipper June Issue
  • [2011.08.24] Smart October Issue
  • [2011.10.10] Men's Non No November Issue
  • [2011.10.27] Tarzan No.591
  • [2011.11.05] e-MOOK Swimmer
  • [2012.03.02] Goo Bike March Issue - cover
  • [2012.04.23] UTB vol.208
  • [2013.04.19] M girl 2013 SS - cover
  • [2013.04.26] Arms MAGAZINE - cover
  • [2013.07.01] Monthly Deview 2013 August Issue - cover
  • [2013.08.12] Quick Japan vol.109 - cover
  • [2013.10.21] Tokyo Calendar December Issue - cover
  • [2014.05.22] Dora Days vol.1 - cover
  • [2014.05.28] Numero Tokyo July-August Issue
  • [2014.06.23] President August Issue
  • [2014.08.01] Monthly Deview 2014 September Issue - cover
  • [2014.10.06] 20±SWEET 2014 AUTUMN - cover
  • [2014.11.04] President December Issue
  • Web
    • [2009] OCN Game Magazine - OG Vol.26



  • Her mother is the one who suggested the name for "Momoiro Clover" and their mascot "Momotan".
  • She's a left-handed.
  • She has three pet dogs, two Yorkshire Terriers named Mocha and Carol[20] and a teacup poodle named Peach.[21]
  • Her favorite subject is PE and she's weak at reading and writing kanji. She is also good in math,[22], quite the contrary, she often displays her poor skill in math in their TV shows.
  • Along with their overseas live concert in 2012, the members wrote messages to overseas fans and those were published in Starchild Official English site[23]:
    • Message to the Fans: Thanks as always for all the support! I will continue to do everything to the best of my ability, so I'm counting on the support!
    • Message to Overseas Fans:: It's a pleasure to meet you all! I am Momoiro Clover Z's leader, Kanako Momota, the tsundere of the group! I've actually never been overseas before, so I'm definitely hoping to go soon... and it would only be better if we get to do a live performance while there! I hope that if we do, you'll all be there to support us!! A big thanks to all our fans!
  • Dekoppachi is a character from 1960's manga Mouretsu Ataro who is widely popular for his overly exaggerated forehead.
  • Kanako means flower child.


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