MUSIC JAPAN (ミュージック ジャパン) is a weekly Japanese music television program. It began broadcasting on April 6, 2007 on NHK G. The program's title is commonly abbreviated as MJ.


MUSIC JAPAN is a weekly 40 minutes program and features live performances of artists in the JPOP scene. Most of the song performed in the program is the latest hit songs, although some classic songs are often being included. The show is the continuation of NHK's main music program POP JAM which was broadcasted over the 14 years up to March 16, 2007. The show has also been host to many artists from around the world despite it's name. All of the episodes were being broadcasting weekly in High-definition.

  • Hosts
    • Perfume (April 2009 - present)
    • Yusuke Santamaria (April 2014 - present)
  • Former Hosts
    • Mari Sekine (April 2007 - April 2011)
    • Aoi Minoru (NHK Announcer, April 2010 - March 2013)
    • Kazuki Yoshida (NHK announcer, April 2013 - March 2014)
  • Narration
    • Mizuki Nana (April 2009 - present)
    • Marika Matsumoto (continued from "POP JAM", April 2007 - March 2009)

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