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A listing of current projects.

General Projects[]

Expanding and Creating Articles[]

There are various articles that need be written, and there are various articles that need to be expanded. If you want to request an article, feel free to add it to the bottom of the queue.

Current Article Queue:

Maintenance Projects[]

Integrating New Infoboxes and Design Templates[]

The old articles should be merged with the current infobox and design templates. For more information about the new templates, see here.

Creating New Navboxes[]

Current navboxes need to be updated, and new navboxes need to be created. The new navboxes will most likely feature a modular design.

Mobile Main Page[]

The main page, among other things on the wiki, needs to be optimied for mobile devices. According to Wikia statistics, about 50% of page views originate from mobile devices. A mobile main page has been deployed, but it still needs a little work. The mobile main page can be viewed on desktop here.

Main Page Improvements[]

The main page's design needs to be updated; a major overhaul may be necessary. The updated main page will most likely use a modular design.

CSS Improvement[]

Certain CSS improvements need to be made, particularly CSS for portable infoboxes. For member pages, the two accent colors need to be changed depending on the member's image color (one accent color is lighter than the other -- the softness of the colors on the default portable infobox looks nice). The font color may need to be changed for legibility reasons. Group and other infoboxes will follow so-called group colors.

Wiki Navigation[]

The top navigation bar should probably be changed to take advantages of the new categories.

Portable Infoboxes and Design Templates[]

Perhaps new infoboxes and design templates should be created for events, television shows, etc. This isn't a major priority at the moment.

Removing Redirects[]

Redirects should be removed after fixing all pages that link to the redirect. This mundane and simple process could be easily accomplished with the help of a bot.