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Momotamai (ももたまい) is a unit duo consists of Kanako Momota and Shiori Tamai of Momoiro Clover Z. The name is taken from the last syllable in Momota and the first syllable in Tamai.

The pair were well known for being together for a long time, yet they officially debuted in Momoclo Haru no Ichidaiji 2012 ~Momoclo All Stars 2012~ live concert and began to active through various live concerts. The duo was created based on how Shori was being too clingy to Kanako.

Group NotesEdit

"I'm Momota!", "I'm Tamai", "We're Momotamai!" — Introduction line
  • The pair with the portmanteau name was actually been formed around 2010, when Kanako posted a video introduction of them in her blog.[1]
  • The duo wear pajamas on most of their live concert performances.


About ''Single Bed wa Semai no Desu''Edit

The song Single Bed wa Semai no Desu is about the two arguing about what happens when the two goes to a hotel. Shiorin drops her stuff at her room, and comes to Kanako's room, and sleeps with her. Kanako tells Shiori that she needs to grow up. Shiori points out that both of them are scaredy cats. The song ends that the two needs a double bed the next time.



  • Single Bed wa Semai no Desu


There is a cute scene in Maku ga Ageru that looks like it is a play on Single Bed wa Semai no Desu.


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