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Single by Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku

Released 07.27.2011
Genre J-Pop
Format CD,
Recorded 2012
Label Stardust digital
Producer TBA
Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku SINGLE Chronology

Previous: The Tissue ~Tomaranai Seishun~ 4th indie single
Next: Motto Hashire!! 6th indie single



Oh My Ghost? ~Watashi ga Akuryo ni Nattemo~ (オーマイゴースト?~わたしが悪霊になっても~) is the 5th indie single by Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku. It was released on July 27, 2011 under Stardust Digital.

Oh My Ghost? peeked at 12 on the oricon daily chart and 57 on the oricon daily chart


Right before the music video, Reina Miyazaki is seen approaching Rika Mayama at a graveyard. Reina questions Rika why she was sitting alone. She assumed that Rika was scared. After a brief argument, Rika looks at the full moon and screams in agony. Rika then undergoes a seemingly gruesome transformation as Reina witnessed in horror. Rika is revealed to be a Werewolf thus terrifying Reina.


Regular Edition[]

  1. Oh My Ghost? ~Watashi ga Akuryou ni Natte mo~ (オーマイゴースト?~わたしが悪霊になっても~; Oh My Ghost? ~Even If I Become A Ghost~)
  2. Gozonji! Ebichu Ondo (ご存知!エビ中音頭)
  3. Oh My Ghost? ~Watashi ga Akuryou ni Natte mo~ (Off Vocal) (オーマイゴースト?~わたしが悪霊になっても~)
  4. Gozonji! Ebichu Ondo (Off Vocal) (ご存知!エビ中音頭)

Single Information[]


Featured Members[]

  1. Mizuki
  2. Reina Miyazaki
  3. Rika Mayama
  4. Natsu Anno
  5. Ayaka Yasumoto
  6. Aika Hirota
  7. Mirei Hoshina
  8. Hirono Suzuki
  9. Rina Matsuno
  10. Hinata Kashiwagi

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