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Single by Momoiro Clover Z ---- Release Date March 7, 2012
Genre J-Pop
Format CD Single, DVD
Label StarChild
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ももいろクローバーZ 労働讃歌 歌のみver.


ももいろクローバーZ「サンタさん」music video

Limited Edition A

Limited Edition B



Rōdō Sanka(労働讃歌?, "Hymn to Labor") is the 6th single by Momoiro Clover Z. It was releasedon November 23, 2011 Under KING RECORDS. It was released in Regular edition and Limited Edition A and B

Rōdō Sanka peeked at number one in the Oricon Daily chart and number 4 on the Oricon Weekly Chart

Track List[]

Regular Edition[]

  1. Rōdō Sanka (労働讃歌)
  2. Santa-san (サンタさん)
  3. Bionic Cherry (BIONIC CHERRY)
  4. Rōdō Sanka (instrumental) (労働讃歌(off vocal ver.))
  5. Santa-san (instrumental) (サンタさん(off vocal ver.))
  6. Bionic Cherry (instrumental) (BIONIC CHERRY(off vocal ver.))

Limited Edition CD's[]

  1. Rōdō Sanka (労働讃歌)
  2. Santa-san (サンタさん)
  3. Rōdō Sanka (instrumental) (労働讃歌(off vocal ver.))
  4. Santa-san (instrumental) (サンタさん(off vocal ver.))

Limited Edition A DVD

  1. Rōdō Sanka (music video) (「労働讃歌」PV )

Limited Edition B DVD

  1. Santa-san (music video) (「サンタさん」PV )

Song Information[]

  • Lyrics:Ohtsuki Kenji
  • Music:Ian Parton
  • Arrangement: Ian Parton

Featured Members[]

Oricon Position[]

  • Total Reported Sales: 68,654*
  • Total Sales in 2011: 47,225 (#158 single of the year)
  • Total Sales in 2012: 18,981 (#367 single of the year)
  • Total Sales in 2013: 2,448*


  • "energy-saving suits" half-sleeve tropical salaryman suits, worn with short-sleeved open-necked shirts were worn in the music video.
  • Along with the suit, they visibly have neckties wrapped on their heads, which is commonly used in anime. This usually show hard work.
  • The title track "Rodo Sanka" was premiered live on the rooftop of the From Chūbū building in Tachikawa, western Tokyo

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